Marvelous Monday

While surfing the web yesterday looking for yet another online course to take to enhance my fabulousness (I am already taking an TEFL certificate course). I came across a Humor and Health course. It is one of the courses in the Certificate In Integrative Health and Wellness, a continuing education program.

Gelotology is the study of laughter and its effects on the body, from a psychological and physiological perspective.[1] Its proponents often advocate a somewhat invasive induction of laughter on therapeutic grounds. It also studies the medical abnormalities of laughing. [My laughing is ALWAYS normal, nothing abnormal about me…..] The word is from the Greek gelos, geloto meaning laugh, laughter, laughing.[1]  And here is me thinking that it is the study of desserts, who knew? Although, watching Jello wiggling about  is funny in itself.

Funny thing (haha, I said FUNNY THING-I am a riot!) I had been diagnosed years and years ago, by my dear friend Maryanne as having , are you ready?……Witzelsucht, from the German witzeln, meaning to joke or wisecrack, and sucht meaning addiction or yearning, is a set of rare [Oh, I’m rare alright] neurological symptoms characterized by the patient’s uncontrollable [I wouldn’t go as far as to say UNcontrollable] tendency to make puns, tell inappropriate jokes and pointless or irrelevant stories at inconvenient moments. The patient nevertheless finds these utterances intensely amusing. It is associated with small lesions of the orbitofrontal cortex.
What more can I say?

Speaking of TEFL, ‘lemme get to work. This chapter is on verbs,

“I am studying right now!” Where would we (to) BE without ‘them verbs?


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