Thundering Thursday

In my ongoing quest for fabulosity, I came across this today:

Giving thanks for what you want in advance
turbocharges our desires and sends a more
positive signal out to the universe.
So, in that case Universe, thank you my new home with my husband, mother and my 3 (so far….) beautiful cats.  Thank you Universe for my mother to being able to walk on her own and enjoying life again, as the beautiful person on the inside and outside she once was.
Thank you Universe for Miguel’s and mine new job in the field  we love, auto mechanics and teaching. I am grateful for being given a second chance to restart the acting and singing talents I have but were put on hold for so long. 
 Thank you Universe for whatever abundantly positive, green, prosperous and creative business that Miguel and I start and run. That’s  all I can think to thank you for at the moment Universe, I will get back to you with more…..

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