Hello World!

I am restarting this blog; I feel that every new day is an opportunity for gratitude, greatness  and love.

10 years ago on this day, I watched with the rest of the world the tragedy of the World Trade Center. I was working at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. I was a practicing Medical Assistant at that time, with a temporary assignment as an Admin assistant to the Vice President of Nursing. The VP herself was in an airplane on the tarmac at Newark Airport watching with horror the first plane crashing into the tower. She had called us to tell us that she was OK but couldn’t leave the airport until much later. Nearby Rutgers University had closed and sent available students to the hospital to donate blood.

I had just joined a performing Renaissance Faire group. We had been rehearsing for several weeks in preparation for 3 weekend performances in Connecticut beginning at the end of September into October. Our director beautiful Marta, and fellow actor, dashing Rob, worked a couple of blocks away from the World Trade Center. I got in touch with her to see if SHE knew what was going on. Here is my original email and her reply:

—-Original Message Follows—-
From: “Valeena Sozio” <valeena60@hotmail.com>
To: mjaremko@hotmail.com
Subject: OH MY GOD!
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 09:36:27 -0400

Marta darling are you OK, please email me back. I know you work in the city, BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT STREEEEETTTTTT!!!!! I’m going to rent an air baloon and get you outta there and back to Millburn. How tragic at the WTC. OK, love, I’m waiting to hear from you.
Peace, Valeena

Thank you so much, darling!
PLEASE do me a huge favor!! Our phones are down, and I can’t get through to my mom, nor can I leave NYC. I am staying with my friend Patty and will call my mom as soon as any lines open up.
Her phone number is:

PLEASE CALL HER ASAP AND TELL HER I;M FINE!!!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE HER!!! And that I’m staying with Patty.
Thanks and many kisses….
I don’t think I’ll be there for rehearsal either, so rehearse yourselves if you still want and practice the songs, if you want. 🙂
I’ll send an email to the group.
p.s. I don’t know if I’ll have access to email for much longer.


The morale of all of us performers was of melancholy, Marta had given us a pep talk saying that people need to laugh right now, and the Bard said: The show must go on. And it did.

As I child in the early 70’s, I watched the constructing of those towers. Years later, my first husband, Dave and I used to go to Eagle Rock Reservation, in West Orange, NJ. From there you could look over to lower Manhattan. We’d grab some deli sandwiches and go up there and look across the Hudson River at the NY skyline.

Sept 12, we drove up there, no sandwiches this time, who could eat after looking across the river to see what was once an architectural wonder and a jungle gym for King Kong?  Hushed tones and prayers from those who gathered there. Smoke and lights hanging eerily in the void. Candles, flowers and memorials were draping the retaining walls of the park facing the river.

I decided that day, that I was going to live each day to my fullest and as if it where my last. To be forgiving. To love and fall in love every chance I got, doing so unconditionally.


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