Happy Monday!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am restarting this blog from two years ago. The characters in the first posts are still the same. Here are the updates. My mother Roz is temporarily in a skilled nursing facility for sessions of physical, speech and occupational therapy. I saw her yesterday and she is getting better each day. I suspect she will be home in about two weeks.—-Miguel is still in Mexico. He went to the local community college in his hometown to take a certified auto mechanics course. He passed with flying colors and is currently checking out the town of Ensenada in Baja California, for jobs. He’s working as a ‘fix-it’ guy at the moment. He says that Baja is nice, but like most of the world, the economy isn’t that good their either. He has a positive outlook though.–I have to post pictures of the cats. Clover is full grown and gorgeous like her mother Freedom. Tiburon is still 400 lbs of golden purring love. He’s  not fat, just BIG!–Myself, I finished my TEFL online course and passed with distinction. I can teach English in any country on the planet except my own home country. I need more edumication. I am also taking a home study gourmet cooking and catering course. Very interesting and informative. I love it.


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