Isn’t it funny…?


…….. the difference between the male and female mind. As I am on this ‘vision quest’, I have a clearly defined vision of myself and my little family living all together very soon in Baja California and very happy.

Now, when it first came to light that I had to make this life changing adventure-vision-quest to move to another country and I put it out to my friends, my girls didn’t so much as raise an eyebrow to the idea. Oh sure they had mentioned about the violence there and all and we discussed the pros and cons. The pros won and they all pretty much with me as to why’s and where fore’s of. They told me that it will all work out and are planning to visit me, hands down, case closed, just tell them where and when and Margaritas and sunsets will ensue on the horizon. No whining  with all positive feedback and plans.

My boys on the other hand (with the exception of one) were all , “WHY do you want to go there its sooo dangerous???” and “YOU’RE not gonna sell that house in THIS economy….” and. “ARE you really moving to Mexico??“ and “WHEN are you moving?“ I get asked that one every time I talk to that one, and I explain, AGAIN that I cannot DO anything until my house is sold.

To go along with that previous, this is my favorite:

When I decided to make this move over two years ago now, I would talk to one of my boys every week or two. I would give him the update on my purging and packing process. As at the time, I had a lot more of it to do. And EVERY time he would ask me: “Where are you moving to?“ (I’d call that one my “10 Second Tom“, the character in 50 First Dates, who’s memory only lasts for 10 seconds, but his name isn’t Tom so….) I don’t know, did he think the answer would change if he kept on asking?

So they say the WHOLE country of Mexico is dangerous and in ruin. And I just woke up one day smack dab in the middle of this real estate crisis and oh so wistfully cute and dreamily, if you will, without any given thought to my thoughts because yes I am a female and “not as smart as my male counterparts“(NOT!) , just up and decided to sell my house and move to another country. While I understand their concern, none have researched my new country and only see what the news media shows.

My girls, again, after being told of my plans and some even knew the benefits of my moving there (better weather for me, affordable help with my mother, affordable living, new experiences, the ability to work on and enjoy my craft, getting the rest I so need, and are still like, just tell us when and where and we’ll be there.

I have asked my boys if they had any other suggestions for me, given my responsibilities and the difficulties I have gone through, all on my own . To date, not a one. Has any of them stepped up to the plate to offer any help……..?

On the other hand, if the flip-flop was on the other foot, and the cooler of Corona on the other side of the deck chair, could these male counterparts find the good in a country that is having major problems affecting the community, and economy and take the chance for someone they loved and trusted and pick up house and home and move to be with that one……….?

I’m just sayin’.

Watch this space for the Adentures of Watermelon Couch…..


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