Spell to sell my property or Move Home (via Soraya)

The time has come to sell my beautiful little piece of property that has served us well for thirty some odd years and move on. It has brought us food for our table from the beautiful garden that both my parents and my husband of recent years, planted, nurtured and reaped the bounty of its gifts. I remember my mother canning the tomatoes and putting them in the pantry that my father built, among other items as well. Miguel grew beautiful tasty tomatoes and cucumbers-yum!—We also had for a time, chickens and fresh eggs. Although we had 4 chickens most days we got 3 eggs, I guess they took turns. Hee!–At one time there were wild and sweet strawberries growing, The beautiful camelia tree that was planted was my grandmother’s favorite. She could see it from her bedroom window. Yucca plants from the southwest were planted and grew exotically. Roses, geraniums, tea roses and other things of color where planted and grew with love to the sun on this property. —We also had of late, a decent sized swimming pool, more like wading pool that Miguel and enjoyed in the late afternoon and evenings after dinner. — All of the Meow Kitties we have had over the years were like jungle cats, roaming,stalking, pouncing, playing, and bringing us their fresh kill to thank their humans for taking care of them. It is also so relaxing to take a minute to watch them groom themselves and sleeping in the sun on the porch or in the yard. —So many memories. But the time has come for us to move on, and to leave this precious piece of land with someone who will love, cherish, respect and honor it as it as much as we have.

I have had several emails recently from my web visitors who, like myself are trying to move home, and asking for a moving home spell. Perhaps with a little combined effort from everyone who is in the same position we can break this property deadlock. Pagans, Wiccans & Witches scroll down for the full ritual You don't have to be a pagan, Wiccans or witch to join in. Follow the instruction below to participate and where possible if everyone can … Read More

via Soraya


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