About Me

I am a loving, creative, silly and adventurous person. I deeply care about the people  in my life as well as the new people  coming to me in my future. I love all felines, (dragons, baby hippos, elephants and dolphins, etc.,).

I crave happiness as a lifestyle. I am opulently prosperous and share it when I can, whether it is material or spiritual with all whom I fascinate.

I am a firm believer of the Law of Attraction, or the Universal Force that attracts objects and experiences in response to thoughts, that is said to enable one to create her or his own reality.

I am a disciple if you will, of the Pay It Forward Movement to inspire, educate and help ones in need unconditionally, hoping they will also take heart and Pay It Forward for others.

I am on a quest to sell my property and with my mother and cats, join my husband Miguel in Mexico or wherever  love  and  life guide us. I am my mother’s caregiver.

So here are my thoughts, inspirations, musings, questions, answers, stories, and what I’m cooking for dinner as well as  asking for suggestions for that meal. My past, present and future, silly nonsense. Speaking of, I have lost track on how many times I have watched How To Train Your Dragon this summer. 

And anything else I can think of will be posted here. Oh yes, I need to press play on all of the Beachbody DVD’s I have spent money on for the past 6 years, as well as the Belly Dancing and Bollywood Dance instruction DVD’s , please, I DO need encouragement there.  

Won’t you join me on my journey to see where it takes us?




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